PAT Testing

PAT Testing is an important part of everyday safety at work, trust Eletracall to do it right.

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the term used to refer to the examination of electric appliances and equipment to make sure they are safe to work with. Most electric security flaws are available by visual evaluation but a few kinds of flaw can simply be found by analyzing. But it’s crucial to see that visual evaluation is a vital part of the procedure because some kinds of electrical security defect can not be discovered by analyzing alone.

A comparatively short user check (depending upon easy instruction and maybe assisted by using a short checklist) may be quite a helpful part of any electric maintenance regime. But more formal visual inspection and testing by a qualified individual may also be required at proper intervals, depending on the type of gear and the environment where it’s used. Always use a pro for an electrical pat test.

PAT testing isn’t something you can just Google and do yourself. You need to make sure ytou hire a professional. If you get something wrong it could cost people their life.

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Frequent Questions


How often do i need an electrical PAT test?

The frequency of testing and inspection is contingent on the sort of gear and the environment it’s used in. By way of instance, a power instrument used on a building site ought to be analyzed more often than a lamp at a hotel room.


PAT testing companies

Eletracall, obviously.


PAT Test cost

A PAT Test cost can vary, it depends largely on the amount of items of to be tested. Call us and we can arrange for an inspection and quote.