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Please do not touch anything or take any chances. Emergency Electricians are professionals and can keep you from harm so take no chances and call us.

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24 hour electrician

If you do not feel safe, then call me right away – never try to tackle electricity by yourself – call 07585516974

Not sure whether you need an emergency electrician or not?

Some issues simply can not wait. Here are three cases in which you will need to call a 24 hour electrician near you.

Call an emergency electrician if:

Your power has gone down.

Power cuts can be incredibly frustrating; whether you’re halfway through the season finale of your favorite show or boiling the pot for a well-deserved cup of coffee, a power shutdown disrupts your day and sets everything on hold. It can also be frightening; if you’re home alone, the last thing you want is to scurry around looking for a torch and batteries in the dark. If your whole street has gone dim (search for road lamps, televisions living, and living room lights), this is a telltale sign that your regional area has undergone a power cut. In cases like this, you will have to contact your network distributor for assistance.


However, if it’s just your house that seems to be affected, it might be a sign that there is an issue with your electrical wiring. In this case, you need to consider calling an emergency electrician right away. You should be able to use multiple power outlets simultaneously, and your electrical system should be able to handle this. When it’s struggling, this could be a worrying sign. A crisis electrician will have the ability to inspect your machine and fix any defects, providing you peace of mind your electrics are secure and ready to be used.

If your power goes down in the middle of the night, it might seem tempting to leave it till the morning. In the end, you don’t need electricity while you’re sleeping – or do you? There are some household appliances which need an electrical source every hour of this day, and this can cause you a whole slew of issues when the electricity shuts down. Take your fridge, for example. Waking up to a puddle on your kitchen floor and a whole pile of defrosted food will be extremely frustrating.

Your power outlets come in contact with water.

Keeping them apart is frequently fairly simple, but in some cases, cross-contamination may be inevitable. For instance, if your home floods or your roof leaks, you might not have the capability to stop water from reaching all electric sources. In the event of flooding, you should act fast to limit the damage and protect everyone within the property.

Floods and water damage can be difficult to deal with, but there are a few security measures you need to take to minimize the impacts of the issue. If you can reach electrical outlets before the water does, try to unplug appliances and switch off any plug sockets. Ensure that the power is off at the mains – in case you can get it securely – and proceed as many electrical products as you can away from the affected area.

Most importantly, you have to make sure you keep yourself as safe as you can. Do not touch the water in case it is contaminated and don’t use any electrical goods – like your house’s lights – until you have been awarded the go-ahead in an experienced electrician. Together, water and electricity can cause a fire, not to mention the probability of giving you a nasty shock, so you need to select the ideal safety measures according to the experts.

Any power outlets that are ruined by water resources will call for a professional appraisal. While you may think they can wait a few days for a plumber’s appointment, they really should be assessed over with emergency service. Damaged goods will need to be checked over, and your home’s wiring system will have to be inspected (and repaired if necessary).

You smell burning or see smoke.

The odor of burning is never a fantastic sign, especially when you’re dealing with electrics. If you notice a burning smell close to your power outlets, whether burnt rubber or plastic, it’s vital to do it immediately; burnt power outlets might be an indication that something is burning off in the circuit itself, so this is something you want to stop as much as you possibly can. A sudden power surge may cause a fire that will put you and your property in severe danger.

The same is true whenever you notice smoke coming out of your power outlets or notice they’ve become discolored. A smoking power socket is not something that should be ignored and might indicate that an electric fire is imminent. In this case, switch off the electricity supply at the fuse box and call an emergency plumber – they’ll have the ability to locate, identify, and address the issue safely and efficiently.

There are several reasons why your electrics might be burning. It may be that your circuits have been overused and bombarded, leaving your wiring vulnerable to damage, or your wiring and power outlets were not installed correctly in the first location. Whatever the reason, immediate action is essential to prevent the damage from getting worse and causing an electrical fire.